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Check out my Backgammon Chouette Scoring App!

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Some stuff I've helped build

Check out my low tech iPhone web app! I use it to track gambling wins and losses. What will you use it for?

Never discuss religion and politics in polite society!

Nov 1st - Francesco Paolo Ciaramitaro is born!

Meet the future family member!

Got married! Sorry.. haven't had the time to set up the pics :(

Check out the pictures on display at Vivian's wedding!!!

They're on a 20 MB Zip file, so please be patient while they load.
Be sure to install WinZIP if you don't already have it, or just get the self-extracting version of the pics.

Check out the first set of pics from the wedding!!
Some more pics from the wedding!!

Mitch's Bachelor Party!!

Yvonne's Shower!!

Feel free to use my Scrabble scoring spreadsheet , complete with the full list of TWL06 words